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Thursday, January 3, 2013

NAnt <copy> task behaves differently in 0.92 and prior versions

If you need to copy a folder together with all its contents to another folder in NAnt, you would typically write something like this:
<copy todir="${target}">
  <fileset basedir="${source}" />
It turns out this code works correctly in NAnt 0.92 Alpha and above. The output is expected:
[copy] Copying 1 directory to '...'.
However, the same code doesn’t work in prior versions of NAnt, for instance, 0.91. The output is as follows (only in –debug+ mode):
[copy] Copying 0 files to '...'.
Obviously, the issue was fixed in 0.92, so the best recommendation would be to upgrade NAnt toolkit. However, if this is not an option for some reason, the following code seems to work correctly for any version:
<copy todir="${target}">
  <fileset basedir="${source}">
    <include name="**/*" />
Hope this saves you some time.